For Space industry, SEREME proposes large vibration or acoustic test solutions compliant with ECSS or GOST requirements. Such solutions designed on the basis of SEREME experience and knowhow are often customized accordingly to End-User requirements.

The infrastructure (reaction mass, suspension…) is also designed and delivered by SEREME.

Micro-vibration decoupling and measurement are among the most recent activities of SEREME.

Optimized MGSE and test clamp bands allow End-Users to forget soft hammers.

For aerospace industries, the range of SEREME achievements go from drop towers for parachutes straps, to aero-acoustic wind tunnel, high-end vibration test solutions, vibration test fixtures for aircraft subsystems or for components, reaction masses, acoustic reverberant chamber (up to 165 dB), progressive wave tubes up to 170 dB.

ESA/ESTEC, AIRBUS Defence & Space and THALES ALENIA SPACE are historically and recently among the major Customers of SEREME in Space. Major space constructors such as RKK Energia (Russia), BISEE (China) and KARI (Republic of Korea) are also now major End-Users of SEREME solutions.