SEREME has developed Reverberating Acoustic Chambers (RAC) since its creation in 1976.

  • For automotive industry, SEREME has developed from 1978 to 2010 solutions of coupled reverberating acoustic chambers which have drastically improved the quality and ergonomy of tests.
  • Reverberating Acoustic Chambers are among the major test facilities for spacecraft testing. SEREME designs and delivers such large RAC from 150 dB to 159 dB.

SEREME has also developed noise sources (data sheet LF60), (data sheet MF45), (data sheet HF20) and (data sheet VHF), either for spacecraft testing (electropneumatic modulators up to 175 dB), either for hydroacoustic testing.

SEREME proposes anechoic or semi-anechoic acoustic chambers for automotive or consumer electronics industries.

For Acoustic Chambers, SEREME design includes not only the acoustic and mechanical design, but also the civil engineering design including the interface with the building (or the building design itself).

Acoustic test devices such as special antennas, acoustic trolley, resonators are also within SEREME expertise.

Design of aero-acoustic wind tunnel is one of SEREME expertise. Such expertise includes the transformation of existing aerodynamic wind tunnels in aero-acoustic wind tunnels without degradation of aerodynamic performances.

SBIK – 1000 m3 RAC 

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