SEREME designs and delivers shock tests solutions and/or crash test solutions.

Among the proposed test solutions are :

  • Pneumatic Launchers : such launchers are quite versatile and allow, within a small area, to test payloads from 50 kg to 5 tons up to 5 m/s to 30 m/s.
  • Crash Test Facilities :
    • Direct Catapult : electrically or hydraulically driven, they allow to perform the full range of automotive crash test (up to 3 000 kg at 100 g).
    • Bungees Catapult : inverse of direct, they allow, at a lower investment and operating cost, to perform number of tests performed by hydraulic inverse catapult. Range : 500 kg to 2 000 kg at 50 m/s to 20 m/s.
    • Vertical Drop Shaft / Vertical Crash Tower : different drop shafts allow to test payload from 5 kg to 50 kg, 20 kg to 500 kg, 300 kg to 2 500 kg up to 10 m/s. Additional devices are included to accelerate so that to obtain a speed of 30 m/s. SEREME has developed solutions where the mass is falling on the payload or when the payload is falling on a stiff table equipped with load cells.
  • Shock Test Machine : SEREME is also proposing special customized pads or cones to perform tests with large shock test machine, such as IMPAC…It includes elastomer pads, cones in lead…
  • For navy purpose, Large Horizontal and Vertical Shock Test Machines are proposed (100 g / 1 ton / 100 ms).
  • Seismic masses / reaction masses : the interface between vibration or shock test solutions and the building is essential for their performance.This is why SEREME designs and delivers reaction masses or seismic masses from 200 kg to 3000 tons according to the characteristics of the test facility, the other equipment installed in the building and the soil survey.The decoupling is performed either through of the shelves suspension (spring boxes, air cushions, elastomer…) or through sand beds or special anchoring. More than 200 test laboratories worldwide are equipped with SEREME reaction masses.
  • Combined Vibration and Shock Test Machines : the evolution of packing requirements has led SEREME to propose vibration and shock test machine hydraulically moved which merge the SEREME know-how in vibration and shock.
  • Customized Shock Test Solutions : if most of the time the sledge of catapults or drop towers are customized by SEREME, SEREME is also proposing fully customized test solutions in shock :Among the references :
    • GDF : Large shock test machine for underground gas pipes
    • Onera : Pneumatic launcher for aircrafts models