SEREME designs and delivers vibration tests solutions and/or vibration test subsystems.

Among the proposed test solutions are :

  • Light Large Slip Tables with high overturning moment and low cross talk (Light Slip Tables (tab))
  • Hydrostatic Bearings used for these tables or to be used by the End-User stand alone
    • Type Z Pitch and Roll guiding (Z hydrostatic bearing (tab))
    • Type YZ Pitch, Roll and Yaw guiding (YZ hydrostatic bearing (tab))
    • Interface 290 x 220 mm
    • Overal Dimensions 552 x 300 x 142
    • Moving Element 5 kg to 15 kg maximum.
    • Stroke 76,2 mm ( 3”).
    • Oil Pressure supply ≈ 50 bar.
    • Hydrostatic Bearings with dynamic capacity of 90 000 N each in vertical and 120 000 N in horizontal.
    • Suitable for Horizontal and Vertical operation
  • Light Slip Table associated to stand alone bearings in order to obtain the highest versatility of the test facility.
  • Guided Vertical Expander system from 1 m2 to 10 m2 up to 350 kN.m overturning moment, optimized in mass and frequency so that to have the best worldwide cross talk and homogeneity. Such expanders could be in magnesium, aluminium or composite materials.
  • Non Guided Vertical Expanders in composite, magnesium or aluminium optimized in mass and frequency. SEREME designs and delivers customized expanders according to any article to be tested and any electrodynamic shaker.
  • 1 to 6 Degrees of Freedom Shaking Tables with or without their hydraulic actuators, control system and reaction mass. Customized shaking tables are a core activity of SEREME since the first delivery to CEA in 1978. They are optimized in mass and frequencies.
  • Vibration Test Fixtures : SEREME designs and supplies guided and non guided fixtures for vibration testing (horizontal tables, testing frames, head expanders, L shape interfaces,…) or shock testing (pallets, camera stands,…). From the test on an electronic component to the test on a large satellite, we benefit from our 30 years experience to propose to you the solution that best fits your need.Designed with CAD software, our fixtures are optimised with FE calculations to provide the best dynamic performance. They can be welded structures or cast parts in aluminium or magnesium. Composite material can also be used for light, high frequency and high damping fixtures.The mass of our fixtures is in the range of a few grams up to 2000 kg for a 3m x 3m table.Our test fixtures can be guided by hydrostatics bearings to constitute guided tables or guided vertical expanders. We can also combine them with thermal insulations for combined vibration/temperature tests in a climatic chamber. Pipes with circulating fluid can also be added to simulate pipes under cycling pressure.
  • Vibration Cube in magnesium.
  • Drive Bars (with screws or with pins).
  • Vibroclimatic Test Rigs with electrodynamics shaker or hydraulic actuator or electromechanical equipments.
  • Customized Vibration and/or Fatigue Test Rigs when there is no available test solution worldwide.SEREME is the European leader in such test rigs since the early 80′.
    Among the major deliveries :

    • Dynamic & static test rig for cables (LCPC)
    • Vibro-acoustic test rigs for CETEC (DCNS)
    • Fatigue test rigs for railways rollers (TIMKEN Europe)
    • Feasibility study for rail infrastructure fatigue testing
  • Seismic masses / reaction masses : the interface between vibration or shock test solutions and the building is essential for their performance.This is why SEREME designs and delivers reaction masses or seismic masses from 200 kg to 3 000 tons according to the characteristics of the test facility, the other equipment installed in the building and the soil survey.The decoupling is performed either through of the shelves suspension (spring boxes, air cushions, elastomer…) or through sand beds or special anchoring. More than 200 test laboratories worldwide are equipped with SEREME reaction masses.


Microvibration sector is a new one driven by the technological progress of optics and laser.

Accordingly, SEREME has developed for the space industry :
  • Microvibration measurement table
  • Microvibration decoupling devices for satellite which could be installed either in clean room either in TVAC.